Thursday, June 19, 2008

Being in tune with God

I was feeling rather ruffled, and then I went to the Ocean and said: I am insane, I have fallen off track with God and it feels awful. I need to get in touch again with God, please.

Then I had to drive off to work.

Later in the day, I begun to notice all the beautiful things around me. I noticed the flowers, the people, the sky, and I was feeling joyous and happy and enjoying it all. Someone sent me photos of hummingirds and it made me squeel in joy, they were soooo cute! Little puff balls perched on flowers....

I came home and realized that my prayer has been answered. Something did get me in touch with God, and I was feeling rapture, joy, appreciation, bliss, gratitude, and all that.

How close prayers are.... just ASK.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

gratitude and thanksgiving

Yoganada deswcribes spiritual laws of abundance as based on THANSKGIVING AND GRATITUDE.

He says that Universe always fills in channels that are open. We show we are open by prayer, appreciation, gratitude, thanksgiving.

Most people are like beggars to God: oh, God, please give me a new car! an easy job! a better mate! make me look good! make me rich! make me healthy! and so on.... We just beg beg beg. Which is kinda ok when we are in trouble, isn't it :) But we are not 100% in trouble for 100% of time. There are moments, always, which are precious.

Can we remember to also give thanks for what we have?

This is one thing that I learned in the USA. When my parents were visiting here, it was obvious that they very very seldom gave thanks. They mostly complained, critized, and demanded. Moments of gratitude were there, like my father smelling the flowers on the way from the beach. Those moments increased as they stayed here longer. Something changed...

To me, gratitude was something I had to learn as an adult. It is a Native American custom, and spiritual custom, and it took me a long time to stop complaining only. Perhaps because now I live the life I love, it is easier, and perhaps that life came because I was thankful and appreciative and led to make decisions based on LOVE. I love Hawaii, the Ocean, healing work,... It is a very deep love and I have no shame about it, I just go for it. When you love like that, then things happen.

Can we dare to love what we love?

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