Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sacred Hunt - the pray speaks

I am funny pray. Every time you try catching me, you catch yourself.

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The poet talks about the poem

This is what the poet had to say about the "Sacred Hunt" poem:

I have had the distinct impression this last week of this hunt. I could actually feel that I was closing in on you. It was almost like a vision.
[Just before the poem came to me yesterday,] Your question, "What are you going to do know?" took me by surprise.
Yesterday, I had this picture in my mind of me as a hunter and that you turned to face me, open and vulnerable. This was a feeling of openness that was different than in May. This time I felt that your heart was open. The "bow and arrow" comment seemed at the time, like a cute comeback, but was inappropriate once it left my lips. The moment was so precious that I wanted to rush forward with an open heart and soul and to embrace you. It had the distinct impression of being joined together as one.

Scott L. Berry, "Little Fox"

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