Friday, March 27, 2009

Seeing the root of the problem

Talking to others sometimes is helpful and sometimes isn't. Or both. For example, after talking with Rick Jarrow, he said things that I already know, and then he gave me the comment about complaining, and he had no idea where it was coming from and where I should look. It is like someone telling you something but without any pointers. He said: the sky is blue, but he had no idea why, and no idea where to start finding the answer. He simply didn't know, he is not of that caliber.

Someone of high caliber is very helpful, to tell us what they observe.

I was thinking - me telling the Born Again "christian" that his belief system was the wrong foundation for his whole life was that kind of observation, something very useful and the root of the problem. Being able to see the root of the problem is the ability of a healer. Or anyone smart - business people see the root of the problem in business, etc.

I wish someone would tell me just like that, would point out to me the root of my problems, show me where I am a "born again christian" and completely gone off the path to God.

Seems like I don't have such resources locally, so I will have to be catching it myself. However, the problem is that we never can catch ourselves in things that are so ingrained that we don't see them anymore. We need help of someone objective, observing from the side. I do that for other people. Who will do that for me?.... hm....

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