Thursday, September 3, 2009

no sniveling

My mentor told me to: work consciously to refrain from complaining, even if I have a reason to complain.

He also said to not do more than I can do.


It made me think. "No complaining" policy is the same thing as the "refrain from expressing negative emotions" taught in Gurdjieff Work. Or "no sniveling" posted on the wall of Tracker School. Or "don't be moody. Be cheerfully optimistic and positive and fulfill your duties in that way" taught by Paramahansa Yogananda.

So - they are all onto something. Something big!

They all talk about negative emotions as major obstacle to our awakening. Buddhists call negative emotions "poisons", Yogananda calls them "wild predatory beasts in the jugle of our uncoscious" (this is my paraphrasing it, something along those lines), and Gurdjieff Work talks about "inner considering", i.e. always thinking of our own ass first and only, and always sniveling about others that are not kissing our ass enough - people mistreating us, weather being bad, circumstances against us, etc.


Like my tenants. They haven't paid rent for 2 months. He did some pretty bad stuff at his work, from what I heard, which certainly won't bring him new customers.

What are they doing? They are living in my apartment for free, feeling completely justified, smoking one cigarette after another, and blackmailing me to give them money to move out, because they consider me responsible for their lack of work, because I told the Board of the building that they haven't paid rent on time for 3 months. The fact is that the guy did not pay rent and furthermore lied to me about it, I have it in writing, and I told the Board after them doing that for 3 months. Seems like he did similar things at work, and it is his fault that he has no work.
The woman didn't make an effort to go out and find work for herself.
They just buy cigarettes with the money they saved on not paying rent. They also bought a nice big new truck. That's quite bad.

This "something for nothing" and "feeling sorry for oneself" and a complete denial of the truth, covering it up in order to avoid work, are real diseases in man. This behavior is similar to the financial fiasco lately in the USA, where people were buying houses with no money down and having expensive mortgages.


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