Saturday, October 11, 2008

Spas vs healing

This is a letter that I actually sent to someone who has a fancy place which they wanted to turn into a "healing center" but - I think it is just yet another spa.
Also, I wonder if I sent this letter already :) I hope I didn't. As I clean my mailbox, things happen :)

somehow your address popped up. I gave you two massages a long time ago and we spoke about me working for you.

Your employee XYZ got back to me saying that what I charge is too much and that you cannot work with that. She inflated what I charged - it was 80 and she said 120$. So I won't be working for you, seems like.

If that is indeed true that you are not willing to pay "excellent wage" to get "excellent people", then the whole setup is yet another spa - pretty and posh environment with "servants" who are nice to the guests but are not much trained and are paid little.

Your place is very beautiful and you spent a lot of money on that. You say you want "excellent practitioners" but where you can get good people for little money? The whole idea of spending money on THINGS and never on PEOPLE is not a healing idea. That whole beautiful place cannot fix a kink in no back, no matter how much you try. Only a skilled therapist can.

Most employees at spas are not interested in continuing their training, and of course they will never be able to afford any training anyways with the lousy pay they get.

To have a clinical bodyworker and healer, like myself, it takes money to keep on training and of course money to pay for results. I was the only one able to relax the back of the wife. It takes skill, talent, a LOT of training to be able to do that, and living a certain lifestyle every day. Very few people have that. Since I saw you last, I went for ... hm, hard to enumerate everything - 500$ weekend in neuromuscular therapy, 200$ lomi instruction, 400$ weekend in Bowen therapy, .... I can't even remember it all. Videos, books, etc. - probably 1000$ on all that.

I am famous as a healer, someone who produces results. I have a gift. And I am interested in healing, not spas. Some people need to play rich in a spa, and some people need to fix the kinks in their back :) and their lives.

PS - I am putting this letter on my blog, of course you stay anonymous.

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