Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Subliminal messaging

This is the letter I sent to Mozilla today:

The main screen of Mozilla has, in the right upper corner, several happy looking peace doves flying out of a gun. That is a blatant advertisement for war.

First, it is not possible to make peace using violence and guns, so the very idea of connecting peace doves and guns is faulty.

Second, this image of happy peace doves flying out of guns is a plain advertisement for war. So far, this "peace making war" has cost American citizens 11 trillion dollars of their own money, taxpayer money, plus a lot more in lost business here in the USA, the whole economy has been brought down. Some people profited by supplying the troops and whatever else can be profited from war.

It would be better to take off that image asap, because it is obviously out of times already. Have you noticed how little yellow stickers on cars supporting the troops are already gone? Scarcely anyone has them anymore. At first almost every car had them - until the 11 trillion bill plus broken economy has completely wiped out any enthusiasm for war.


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