Thursday, October 1, 2009

healing benefits of "wavy" dance

There was some heavy furniture that I tried to move, and later feelt pain in my back. It didn't help at all that I didn't have enough sleep for days because the schedule was so busy, and that I was doing a lot of physical labor (paining, srubbing the floor on all 4, etc.) The pain in the back went away, but then the knee hurt, and I could feel the ankle beginning to complain and also the neck wasn't happy. Conclusion: the back adjusted its position to avoid pain, so then the pain transferred. I would try massaging the knee, then the knee was fine but then the back hurt. Then I'd massage the back (by myself).

I then went belly dancing with Aisha of Greece. She is amazing - she told us exactly which muscles to move and which to avoid. After 2 hrs of that, I was feeling a lot better - not stiff anymore, but flexible and relaxed again.

However, I had to do painting and cleaning up (another story) after her class, and so I was tired, achey, etc. with the work and the lack of sleep. In 3 days, I had only a few hours of sleep and was extremely physically active.

The next day, in spite of all that, I went Congolese dancing. We did some yoga, we did some warmups, and then we did the dance, which is very much "wavy", similar to belly dance. The pelvis moves and rotates freely. I was practicing what Aisha taught us in belly dance and could feel how my pelvis is relaxed and moving freely.

I walked out of that class completely fine. 100% feeling 100% good. It stayed permanent.

The moral of the story: THE PELVIS IS THE KEY TO EVERYTHING.

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