Thursday, November 13, 2008

shiatsu works!

I have a client with a severe injury, operations in the neck and lower back and shoulder/neck/head pain that lasted maybe more than 10 yrs.

He complains about pain in his head/neck. The pain pattern follows ... gall bladder meridian.

I have worked on that area using NMT, etc. and it does provide some relief but not enough. I tried Eric Dalton's shoulder protocol and it made the shoulder pop more.

So tonight we worked strictly on gall bladder meridian, from the head to the toes. It goes along the side of the body. I used shiatsu and also some rolfing along the tight neck muscles. The guy was very very quiet... said that he felt like "something was ungluing" in his neck. Eventually fell asleep.

Voila! the guy is much better. His legs and feet relaxed and his shoulders followed.

And me - I am better too! Working with the energy is energizing. I feel perky and totally refreshed.

When I do just NMT or other western techniques, I feel tired. Somehow, those techniques are not balanced. They work, but are somehow not enough.

Right now, I feel happy, balanced, and glowing myself.

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