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This web page contains links to the bodywork and other schools I attended as well as  my favorite teachers. They do not teach some new age fly-by-night buzz, but true and tested real teachings from sacred ancient lineages. This is very difficult to come by. Serious spiritual seekers will appreciate these resources, which will save them a lot of time. Also, please see the "articles" link for elaboration of how to find, recognize and keep some true teachings. 


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yogananda.jpgliving-saint-cealo.jpgStalking Wolf

Hafiz, the tongue of the Invisiblewilderness-awareness.jpg Rumi's tomb in Konyaquietwaters-tracker-school.jpghawaiian-quilt.gifheart-on-fire-rick-jarrow.jpg

Top 10 books for spiritual seekers

Top 10 books for self help in overcoming pain and disease

Top 10 books for abundance

Music choices for relaxing, mediation, self help and healing

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