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Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils.   Call Ancient Wisdom toll free, PST, 1-888-407-0448, distributor #1737 Milica Barjaktarovic. 

AW has only essential oils, not as high quality as Young Living, but they are cheaper.

Young Living Essential Oils  has more choice in products, such as nutritional supplements, personal care, and skin care. Their skin care is fabulous and oils are absolute best. Milica Barjaktarovic, distributor 609503. 


Young Living has absolutely best essential oils on the planet. They are grown organically, watered only with spring water, harvested with horses instead of machines so that the plants would not get bruised and lose any oil, and then steam distilled in a very fine and slow way. For example, 7ft tank of chamomile flowers produces one cup of chamomile oil.

Young Living essential oils are therapeutic grade and very potent, one drop goes a long way. In my experience, they are magical. They produce effects, and immediately. The effect on our emotions is amazing. If something cannot be healed with those oils, it requires entirely different type of treatment, for example bone setting.

There are other nutritional products that Young Living has, for example Ningxia berries (aka wolfberries) that are amazing, and I highly recommend munching on them or taking the juice.

And last but not least, Young Living has some amazing skin products. They are the only ones that ever worked on my skin.

DoTera peeps used to work for Young Living… so DoTera products are nice too but also … a copy.

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