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Q:  What massage is the right one for me?

A: There are numerous massage and bodywork techniques; I am very experienced and can always find the suitable tool that is the best for you. I am rare because I can track down the cause of the problems and address it. My massage is highly effective.

Just like in home remodeling, HumanRemodelingTM depends on the client’s needs, time and budget. Some people will require a “light touchup” and some will require “demolishing of drywall”. A person who is healthy and stretches regularly will require a light maintenance; a person full of calcified knots, tight muscles and Twinkies and pizza will have to be massaged longer to release those tight areas.

Clients range from athletic to delicate; ill and injured to healthy; young to old; novices in the health field to professionals, asking for deep work or light touch and just talking.

HumanRemodelingTM addresses the totality of human being and thus will select technique to suit each client. Since each person is unique and has different needs at different times, every session is unique and custom tailored to the client. 

Q: Can you fix me?

A: Together, you and I can help you. Ultimately, you are the only one who can heal yourself. My hands and words are just a reminder for your mind to start paying attention to long-forgotten parts of you, and thus bring healing energy to them. In other words, I carry intent of your wellness and invite you into it. It is very simple and deeply profound.

The underlying concept of our work together is that the client has a deep inner wisdom that knows what needs to be done. Therefore, therapist and client work together to discover what needs to be worked on. In other words, the therapist does not “fix” the client or “does” something TO them, but rather therapist and client work together. The therapist listens to what the client’s body requires and then follows up. It is like a dance, where the client is leading. This is diametrically opposite than modern medicine, where the doctor is the boss who practically owns your body and tells you what to do. This system is more based on client empowerment and thus requires more of client’s self responsibility. 

About 98% of my clients come in with a keen interest to be well and an attitude of cooperation, and thus are able to relax into their own wellness. It is rare that someone walks away with their pain still there. And in rare case that I cannot help you, I refer you to my teachers.

Q: What can I expect in a session?

A: Each session is unique.

Usually, sessions are rather comfortable. There could be some pain when releasing the knots, but it feels like a “good pain” of releasing, it lasts a short time and it feels much better afterwards. For people with injuries and very tight knots, there could be some more pronounced pain, if we work on an accelerated schedule and cram all work in one session. We could work very gently using myofascial release techniques, but then you have to come back for repeated sessions. For some people with serious long term pains, the “remodeling” will take repeated sessions. In any case, an occasional maintenance is excellent as a preventative measure, and it would be better to take that route.

Q: What can I do to take maximum advantage of bodywork sessions?

A: HumanRemodelingTM is just like home remodeling – it will give you a beautiful new “front” but then you have to maintain it to keep it looking good. Some form of stretching at home is necessary. In general: the more you do at home, the less we have to do together.

The most beneficial, permanent outcomes are for people who are willing to do something to help themselves. Although it might seem that “Milica can fix you,” i.e. most likely you will feel better after a session because your kinks will be released and your thinking will be clearer, the permanent change will come only when you do something in your life, regularly. The kinks will come back, the stress will come back and “get you” unless you do something for yourself on regular basis. Milica will teach you what you could do.

A human being needs maintenance on all levels in order to sustain optimum health, because living requires using muscles, thinking and feeling, and contains much stress as well as joy. Human body requires the obvious physical maintenance of proper food, stretching, exercise, sleep, and other intangibles such as proper environment and satisfying human relationships. Massage cannot accomplish any of those things for you, but can definitely get you started in the right direction. If you take care of yourself, you will be gloriously healthy and strong. Maintenance massage greatly helps to increase the benefits of all the care that you take of yourself.

Please come back for maintenance sessions. Think of them as haircuts, changing oil in your car, or any other regular maintenance activity. If there is regular massage, then problems happen much less and are easier to fix when they do strike. Think of maintenance massage as a high-yield investment into your own health. 

Q: What actually heals?

A: The totality of human being is a great mystery. There seems to be something Divine that makes life possible, that makes us alive. We can call that Divine as God, Great Creator, Great Mystery, Tao, White Light, Great Light, Universe, Life, and many other names. Whatever we want to call that Divine that makes life possible, our belief is that connecting to It is the only thing that heals, and disconnecting from It is the thing that causes dis-ease and pain. Therefore, our main goal is to Reconnect and practice that elusive yet necessary I AM sense of presence. It is not necessary to do anything special to reconnect to the Divine spark inside. We just need to ask for it, gratefully accept it and use it with a sense of appreciation.

In other words, the main philosophy of HumanRemodelingTM is that God is the only ultimate healer, and that you already know how to get in touch with Him. Milica is just a tool to help you Remember. You heal yourself.

Just talk to Dear God in the language of your Heart. Once connected to the Infinite, it is easier to do all that is required to maintain the body in the physical form. Then our life has meaning, zest, and joy, and we eagerly participate in it.

Q: What do you mean by “Dear God?”

A: Some people tell me: “I don’t like God.” Well, I don’t like the church idea of “god” either. It is plain scary, nasty alien or yet another revengeful human. How can real God be that limited? When I say “God,” I mean the Divine, the Infinite  – call it God, Great Creator, Great Mystery, Tao, White Light, Great Light, Universe, Life, whatever.

I like the word “God” because it is short and easy, and easily translates into my native language, where we call It “Dear God.” Something very very dear and near, that means us well.

Nobody really knows what Dear God isIt can be met through deep meditation and also through being present in daily life, and even then, we get only glimpses, since our simple human minds cannot comprehend Infinity. It is definitely something that is Infinite, the Great Mystery, the Great Creator, the Great Light, that leads us towards our greatest potential.

In my personal experience, God has infinite and almost smoochey compassion, and a very strict, disciplining side. It does ask us to be responsible, take care of ourselves and our duties in the world, and follow our heart’s longing. It will do anything possible to help us move in that direction. And, my experience definitely shows that It loves us and protects us. The troubles come when we do not follow that path, but rather listen to our own mind.

Q: How do we maintain connection with “Dear God?”

A: Universe is a request-and-response mechanism. It is ultimately there to help us. If we don’t cooperate, then it cannot help us. So let’s do our part and assure we get the help we need. Below is a gift for you, to help you keep your heart joyful and Remembering.

The text below is a translation from a sacred text in Sanscrit. Keep on saying it, mean it, and God will talk to you. This Connection is what is necessary for good health. God already talks to us all the time, but we are not aware of it. When our heart opens, we become more aware.

Dial 1-800-CALL-GOD from your heart and earnestly say:

“Oh Master, show some compassion on me. Please come and dwell in my heart because without you, it is painfully lonely. Fill this empty pot with nectar of love. I do not know any special worship. I know and believe only in you. I have been searching for you all over the world. Please come and hold my hand now.”

Or ponder and reflect on what Hafiz, the great Sufi poet, said:

Every particle in the Universe is a dancing altar

that some Mysterious Force worships.