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Healing Music including links to local classes and YouTube playlist

Healing Words including proverbs.


Essays are listed below, scroll down to see them.  Professional massage therapists, healers, bodyworkers, and their clients could benefit from this information.

Basic pelvis care article is a good start. It contains the link to the simple, gentle and highly effective pelvic tilt, etc.

Sprains, injuries, breaks, and other pains

Find a massage therapist

Abdominal massage is a must

Different types of massage and bodywork

Low back issues

Dance therapy for stretching

Importance of Great Outdoors for Good Health


Couples Massage: Benefits and Pitfalls

, 24/7I always work for myselfin honor of young people entering the job market

Personal testimony: how I started human remodeling business

Nuff hotels and dogs in Hawaii


Stretching is mandatory for recovery and general maintenance

. massage therapist / bodyworker / healer/ your doctor  b. you

How to pick a suitable spiritual practice

Role of Nature and healing or: Nature is mandatory too – have fun! 🙂 

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