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Milica's youtube list of healing music.  

African music

Good feeling

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Healing with Music

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There is a definite scientific connection between music and physical body.

Do you notice that you feel differently depending on what you listen to? Impressions are food for our being.

Also, do you notice how it is easier to move if there is a certain rhythm and flow to it? Music has rhythm, and movement has rhythm. Music helps us move. Even walking is like a dance. Martial arts are like a dance. Human body is full of "tough stuff" - muscles, bones, tissue. They all need to be stretched and exercised in order to be in top working condition.  Music and proper sounds, including the sounds of Nature and the sound of silence, help us enjoy more our stretching, running, hiking, etc.  in a way that is safe, effective and fun.

And, do you notice that you feel happier when you are physically active? The endorphins make us happy!  And a lot more than that - movement helps us to stay healthy. An old chiropractor told me to KEEP ON MOVING because that is the only way to stay healthy. True - many African dancers I know are in their late 50s and even early 60s and they look and move like youngsters. The joints are lubricated, the connective tissue is held supple, the brain has to work to process music and dance steps.

Physically, music enters all areas in the organism. Good music tunes us. It brings together certain qualities inside us and creates a very positive, healing effect.

Human body is full of space - blood vessels, lungs, kidneys, sinuses, etc. all have space in them, plus of course the modern physics teaches us that we are mostly space. What does it mean? It means that these internal chambers are very conducive to music therapy. Sounds echo in our bodies and produce certain effects. It can help to relax us, which is already healing. When body and mind are relaxed, healing automatically takes place. The body is wired that way. That's why meditation and sleep are so rejuvenating. Technically, the mind goes from the hectic beta state into alpha and deeper states. This happens automatically every few minutes in our brains, to keep us "recharged." 

Healing with music is very profound. It goes beyond the rational mind and reaches deeper parts of ourselves. It also engages mind and body at the same time, as well as feelings and higher spiritual aspects. In short, it is a miraculous healing. And right here at our fingertips! It is very easy to listen to some nice music, to sing it, to play it, to dance it - anywhere. While washing dishes, while waiting in traffic, while in a studio taking a class.

It is very important to listen to the right kind of music. Impressions are food for our brain. If we listen to the traditional African music, to the traditional Eastern music, etc. we give ourselves high quality "food". If we listen to heavy metal etc. we drag ourselves down. I know this from personal experience, noticing how different music affects me, what states of mind I am in when certain music sounds good or bad to me, and also by watching my cat. She either stays or leaves. She stays only for high quality music. 

When I am disconnected and edgy, then awful music like fast rock-n-roll sounds good to me, but my cat hates it. When I feel more centered and happy, then I listen to things like Tibetan chants and my cat adores it and even turns her head towards it. Lama Tashi is her absolute favorite.

My cat stays to listen to: Tibetan chants, African, belly dance, Native flutes, some classical, etc. All that music produces a very uplifting, clarifying and positive effect on me. I am one of the most sensitive persons you can possibly find around, so we can use me (and the cat) as a correct barometer. 

So, here is my youtube list of healing music.  

Here is links to African music

Good feeling: healing music and movement therapy

Youssuff Koumbassa is an amazing amazing dancer, the best I have ever seen. Check out his video clips from HumanRemodeling youtube channel, and from Camp Faretta Facebook page, or

Youssuff is mature and has presence, very deep presence. His class is completely about technique and completely free of any ego. Yousuff is totally present yet he is completely absent from the picture, and the Art is invited and comes in. So that frees us dancers to just Be too, and to experiment and experience the Dance.

The directions we got from Yousuff were: take your time; and feel, have a good feeling, enjoy the movement. "Take your time" does not mean "slow it down". African dance is really fast. How he explained it is: don't push, don't force yourself, let the movement happen. And enjoy it. Have a good feeling.

Dancing with this attitude is extremely healing. I was not tired or sore anymore. Everything just flows. I danced for hours, stayed up late, and still was full of energy. (Little nap in the afternoon and some good food also helps :)

More importantly, I was free to be, and to feel, and to experience myself. Youssuff created space for us. Because he wasn't in the picture but only Art, there was a lot of space for us to engage with the Art. Somehow I got more connected with my body and with myself, and a lot of things became clearer.

Also, my body was "lubricated" and healed quite well, some neck issues and shoulder issues and pelvic issues got better because I was warmed up and stretched out. I also massaged it myself and got it even better. Other dancers were reporting similar results with their necks and bodies. Even my chiropractor told me to KEEP ON MOVING because that is the only way to stay healthy.

Indeed, it is! Famous African dancers are in their late 50s and even early 60s and they look and move like youngsters. Movement and music helps to age very very slowly.

Here is a video of Milica dancing to some Balkan music and having a lot of fun, while having a great healing experience and a lot of exercise.


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