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North Shore Restorative  Massage Therapy by Milica, Oahu, HI

Relax ~ Restore ~ Renew

Services and Rates

60 min massage: for general maintenance; for most pregnant women; and for people under 200lbs and under 6ft without major issues

90 min massage: for tall/muscular/athletic people and for people wanting relief from injuries or pain

Location: Waialua, 5 minutes from Haleiwa. Outcalls are in the greater Haleiwa and North Shore area, and some are island-wide on Oahu, Hawaii.

Availability: Please check the schedule.

Rate:  60 mins, $120. 90 mins, $170. Regular customer discount is possible. See below.

Outcalls: add $30 to the service cost. If you are staying in a nice place, e.g. vacation rental on the beach, and/or you want the convenience of not having to drive, and if I have the time, this is a good option.

Regular customer rate:  60 mins, $100. 90 mins, $150. 

Remodeling package: purchase a set of six sessions and save $5 off each session.

Massage is like cleaning or gardening - I will "clear up" some major issue areas for you, such as pain, and I will "make it all nice for you". However, living life will tighten your body again and you need to come in regularly. Minimum is one massage per month. For people with issues, preferably one massage per week, at least for a while.


Hawai'ian lomilomi massage: comfortable deep tissue healing therapeutic massage. The ancient art of working with the body, emotions and spirit, in long soothing strokes, using a high quality oil. Lomilomi feels very nourishing and soothing, and is wonderful for reducing stress and tension, improving circulation through the body, and working out the knotted areas. Lomilomi is based on the premise that Divine heals, and is called "prayer through hands." It is a life changing experience as we Reconnect with the Divine.

Metameric massage: is a great and easy way to unravel the nerves and firm up and beautify the tissues. It can help with cellulite, swelling, and any skin blemishes.

Shiatsu: the ancient art of finger pressure over clothing, with stretches that gently promote circulation and well being on all levels, including muscles, joints, connective tissue, and nervous system. The body and the mind relax as areas of restrictions loosen, the sore areas get nourished, and thus the energy flows freely through the body.

Craniosacral therapy: A very gentle method of working with the spine, head, and sacrum. It can promote a deep sense of relaxation and well being, and leave the receiver feeling rejuvenated and clear headed.

Orthopedic massage: Very effective for injuries. Consists of combination of myofascial release, neuromascular therapy, and stretching.

Reflexology: this treatment focuses on only hands and feet, where internal parts of the body can be accessed through their corresponding reflex areas.

Pregnancy massage: a gentle whole body (except abdomen) relaxing shiatsu or lomilomi massage for pregnant women, focusing on reducing the stress on the lower back, sacrum and legs, induced by the extra weight of the baby.
Available only as 60 min service.

Bowen technique: is rather gentle "strumming" over tight tendons and ligaments. It is an excellent "starter" for very tight people, or an excellent "finisher", or a good technique for gentle souls, like children, elderly, people whose muscles are extremely overused and sore, and/or those not willing/able to deeply face themselves yet on some level asking for spiritual experience. Bowen technique by itself can provide relief but does not typically result in deep permanent change. Stretching is necessary for longer lasting results. 

Hot stones massage: during this massage, comfortably warm stones are placed on the body to release tension and improve circulation. A light massage is then performed with warm stones. This massage is ideal for people with very tense muscles, arthritis, or anyone in need of deep regeneration and warmth.

Raindrop Therapy: an aromatherapy treatment using high-quality essential oils, where the highly anti-microbial oils are applied around the spine to eliminate any potential dormant microorganisms. This treatment is ideal for people with scoliosis, and those experiencing or recovering from infections.
Available only as 60 min service. Add $15 for scrumptuos use of essential oils.

Life coaching: included with massage, if you want. It is a part of lomi lomi massage. It can be a separate "only talking" session. I am psychic intuitive and have common sense, and I will "see you" clearly and thus can help you. I also have vast experience in various business and life conditions and am an active spiritual practitioner. I have provided some precious feedback to many people for many different layers of their life - careers, relationships, spiritual life, nutrition, exercise, etc.

My main contribution is helping you evolve and transform, starting with more peaceful mind and more comfort in the body.


Shiatsu and lomilomi can be performed as a relaxation massage, with a lighter, more relaxing touch, with emphasis on gentler and slower myofascial release and cranio-sacral therapy techniques, as well as a deep tissue or sports massage, where areas with knotted muscles and tension can be worked more deeply. Relaxation massage can also include deeper work on selected areas, typically shoulders and lower back.

Shiatsu and lomilomi can be performed in a traditional way, on a futon, or on a massage table. All traditional Asian bodywork modalities are performed on a futon, and can be modified to fit on a table. The futon provides the practitioner with better leveraging of the pressure, the client gets better grounding to the magnetic field of the Earth and thus more healing energy, and it is more plasant and cooler closer to the ground in the tropical climate of Hawai'i. For cold days and for clients for some reason cannot lower themselves and/or do not prefer to be closer to the ground, a massage table is available.

Each service provides education in terms of exercise and nutrition, as well as deeper insight into areas of one's life that might be causing pain or discomfort versus joy and ease.

Each service comes with optional use of aromatherapy for additional $5  with the highest quality essential oils by Young Living and Ancient Wisdom.

The essential oils are available for purchase from
Young Living tel. 1-800-371-2928 distributor #609503, or Ancient Wisdom, tel. 888-407-0448 distributor #1737.

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