99% of Milica’s clients are return clients. Their success stories are quoted  below. Many of Milica’s clients have tried “everything else” before they found relief with HumanRemodelingTM, and they appreciate the fact that Milica can help them heal from injuries, accidents, and the stress of daily life. Milicaworks with all who seek results – children, elderly, athletes, parents and grandparents, pregnant women, people with chronic or acute injuries, heart grief, etc.

Clients often describe Milica’s healing touch as magic and rave about AMAZING RESULTS. People feel better – they can move pain-free, the body is comfortable, the person feels happier, and the results can be long lasting.

Milica is very good at problem solving, tracking it down to the root and fixing it.

Each appointment is uniquely tailored to the individual recipient. 

Clients typically provide many comments as to how relaxed, self aware, pain-free, agile and well they feel. They say things like:

WOW! I feel so much better! I have more range of motion! My   neck/shoulder/low back/legs/… doesn’t hurt anymore! You have amazing magic hands, you sense exactly where to go. Your hands are so warm and comfortable! This was an amazing experience! I am floating! your massage is magical! You have a gift. Wow, I cannot believe how good I feel!  Nobody explained my muscles to me before! Nobody told me how it all works! Nobody showed me how to take care of myself at home! Thank you! I have gone to so many therapists and nobody could help me… and so on.

Below are additional, more specific results obtained by Milica’smassage. There are too many success stories to put here, we picked just a few.

I have a normal life now. I can surf, run, etc whereas I was in pain before and could not do anything.(client who experienced serious surgery and car accident)

The numbness in my feet and hands is gone. I have more normal life. (client with broken neck) 

Omg I can walk now! I can go to work now (client who had severe low back pain, after 70 minutes)

My hip does not hurt anymore (Molokai race paddler) 

Thank you for getting rid of those computer shoulders and knots. I feel a lot better now. (numerous computer workers)

My fingers and feet are not numb anymore. (numerous people with tight neck and torso) 

I can come here once per month and your massage allows me to surf and function with the cartilage missing in my knee. (client in his fifties) 

My plantar fasciitis is gone! See, I am wearing normal shoes now. I can play basketball now! And, the doctor didn't say anything about how bad my kidney lab results are. They must have improved. (client in his fifties)

Every time I have to carry my granddaughter, knee hurts bc there is no more cartilage. But I come to your massage and I feel better. I can walk again. (client in her sixties)

I am spoiled, I am used to your massage. It's the best. My shoulder doesn't hurt anymore (client in her eighties) 

You are one of the best massage therapists I have ever experienced. Your massage helped me and your communication is great. You are such a good educator and counselor. (client with cut spinal nerve).  I asked him which other people are as good or better than me. He said the lomilomi experts he knows. That's acceptable to me 🙂  

My daughter was so uplifted by you. She is practicing yoga regularly now. I came to get a session myself and see for myself. (daughter is in her 20s, mother is seriously ill) 

I cannot believe how you did that! Crazy! My feet were hurting and now they are not!!! How is that possible? (sales person who stands long hours and has severe foot pains) 

I have no more pain from tennis elbow. (high school tennis champion)

I have no more pain when swimming. (high school swim team champion) 

I have no more pain in my shoulders (high school baseball player) 

I have no more leg pain, I was able to walk all over Waikiki (client in her sixties) 

I have no more knee pain, it feels a lot better (client in his sixties) 

I can breathe now! My chest feels more flat! You have a lot more experience that anyone I have ever met. I am going to send my wife here. (client in his seventies/eighties) 

Wow my feet feel better! It doesn't hurt anymore. Can I send my husband to you? He has many health problems (client in her sixties) 

That was such a lovely session, thank you for the massage and conversation. I will try to eat better and lose some weight. I will do the hula! (the husband) 

My angry foot is a lot better, thanks to you. It doesn't hurt anymore and I can walk. (client who had foot surgery)

Thank you for working on my daughter. She says she is feeling better (daughter is 7 yrs old and had severe injuries from ballet slippers etc.) 

Wow, the left side of my body doesn't feel stuck anymore (skateboard rider) 

My posture is so much better! I don't feel the pain in the neck or lower back. (dancer)

I can continue dancing! Thanks for fixing my knee (dancer)

Thanks for helping me get rid of low back pain. Now I can teach my dance class (dancer) 

My fingers and feet are not numb anymore. (numerous people with tight neck and torso) 

That headache is gone, thanks to you. (many people say this) 

I feel so much better, the legs and lower back feel great (many pregnant women say this) 

You are the only person ever who helped my calves. They are so sensitive (paddler) 

You are THE massage guru. You are extremely intuitive! This is phenomenal. We get bodywork all the time from the best and you are the best. -- a party of 9 professional acupuncturists from San Francisco (where some of the best deep tissue massage schools and the most famous teachers live), helped with various shoulder, neck, back aches

After the 1st treatment: I have a greater range of motion, I feel so much more relaxed, I slept better, and my neck is feeling so much better. We are definitely making progress on it.  After 2nd treatment, smiling widely: Wow, this feels good. I can move my neck freely. -- client who suffered 10 years from a car accident and a bike accident 

Hi Milicayou did a massage for me last year when I was on vacation on the North Shore with my kids. You helped me so much with my neck and back especially. We will be back next week and I would like too see if you are available a few days for massages. I am looking forward to the good massage. -- Dr. Laura C., California

My back was in so much pain, I couldn't even go to work. Chiropractor made it worse by yanking it. But after only 1 hr with you, I can move pain-free. I feel a lot better. -- weekend-warrior construction worker, N. Shore 

Wow, seems like I don't need surgery anymore. My shoulder can move freely now. Amazing! -- surfer, N. Shore

Thanks for helping with my low back and the foot pain. I am pain-free now. -- judge, Tennessee

I can turn my neck now, and my fingers don't tingle anymore. -- surf and car accident survivor, North Shore

After seeing you, my knee doesn't hurt anymore. -- stand-up paddler

My neck feels better, it doesn't hurt anymore. -- 8yr old girl born with umbilical cord around her neck and suffering neck pain ever since

I feel good now, I feel taller. You are good! -- Pamela, Haleiwa Farmer's Market owner after a little demo

This was a massage for my body and my heart. -- a sore kitesurfer needing advice for making it up to his girlfriend

I have gotten a lot of massages, and this was the most individualized one I have ever had. I feel so much better. Thank you so much for helping me. -- Karen, stressed out with typing and moving away

This is quite amazing - most therapists have this routine they go through, you actually work just for me. I feel taller, I move more freely, the pain is gone. -- North Shore resident, with 20 yr old car accident injuries

I feel better, I can sleep now. -- widower in grief

I can turn my neck again! -- office worker

I can go back to dance again! My knee and lower back doesn't hurt! -- NYC dancer during the dance conference

You are extremely perceptive and see right through everything, in a humane, objective way -- close friends and family and even ex-boyfriend

You are noble, strict and fair. -- Milica's own mom - this is the highest compliment of all, coming from my own mother, who sees right through everything in a humane and objective way

I cannot believe how much better my neck feels after only 20 mins! And the knees and the pelvis - it doesn't hurt anymore! -- mom carrying a baby

My neck is so much better, I can turn now! -- a local surfer after a car accident

I didn't even notice I couldn't bend my elbow. Thanks for straightening it out. --golf rookie

I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and care of me yesterday at the Farmer's Market. My neck was significantly helped by your skill. I got a ways to go, but so much better. Much Aloha and many mahalos, Jenna  -- her neck was almost completely frozen and unmovable. 

You do miracles! I can finally sleep after you worked on my knees. They don't hurt anymore. -- Olomana worker 

The tendonitis and pain in my arm is so much better. -- Olomana worker  She tried other massage therapists and could not get the help. 


Hi there Malica, I had a massage with you today at 9:00 I feel soooooooo good Mahalo for the great massage I'm trying to get my husband to go, I feel like you have smashed the knots in my body and I feel more relaxed . Sorry I had to leave in a rush I had to drop my mom off at the beauty shop at 10:30 next time I wont make any plan on my day of massage. God bless Debbie    -- by Debbie on MerchantCirclecomments

I went for so much massage, acupuncture, chiropractic in the last year and had no results. I went for acupuncture and massage immediately after the accident, but obviously, it was wrong kind of massage. Chiropractic adjustments made it worse. I am amazed how well your massage works - within several sessions with you, I can turn my neck, the tingling in my fingers is mostly gone, I can sleep, and am much happier. -- Bob, Haleiwa, who was hit by a surf board to his neck and could not move his neck, and was in pain for a year

Thank you so much! I feel so much better! -- Aaron, who rode a skateboard powered by a dog. The dog decided to take a turn to visit some "friends" and Aaron ended up smashing into a car

This is amazing, I feel warm in my body now. And I am always cold, even in the sun. You are a healer! -- Debbie, Colorado

Thank you for your wise counsel. My job situation is resolving now. --client helped entirely over email with a sensitive and illegal situation at his workplace

You are much more than a massage therapist. You actually help people. Every time I come here, I feel better and the pain is gone.... Now when I am on the maintenance schedule and come in before the pain kicks in, I feel fine all the time. I love it. -- Peter, computer worker, Hawaii

My shoulder used to hurt bad. Ever since I started coming here once a month, I have been just fine. No pain. Let's work on my elbow now. Wow, only after 1 hour, it hurts so much less. -- tennis player 

It seems like you magically sense where to go with your hands and work every spot that needs it. Like you are completely in tune with me. --Lisa, California

You have an amazing ability to find the right spots. Very intuitive hands. What you did the last time made me pain free for almost two months.  --Rick, Honolulu, with frozen shoulder due to sports injuries

The massage helps me relax for the operation. -- Steve, with majorly inflamed nerves and ruptured disks in the low back, one day before surgery. He wasn't coming in regularly for massage and did not do the proper maintenance, so surgery was the only option left... 

You are a magic woman. I come in here with pain and walk out feeling fine. Ever since you started working with me regularly, I am pain free unless I do something stupid. -- Richard, 65yr old and active construction worker

Thank you for your help.  I have dropped the knives forever, and in every other way I am changing for better. --client helped over email and phone with his obsession with "looking strong" and carrying sharp knives for "self protection" to the point where he lost contact with his family, etc. 

My neck doesn't hurt anymore, and I don't need the glasses as much anymore, I can see better. And see how much I can stretch now! -- 8yr old girl with shoulder/neck/brain injuries from broken clavicle during birthing, after several sessions.  My daughter is so much taller now and she is much happier. -- her mom

I went to two chiropractors and it didn't help to resolve this low back pain. What you did made it go away completely. -- musician who lifted too much, Honolulu, after 40 mins of massage 

My shoulder is so much better. My neck too, I don't feel any pain there. -- Hidetaka, kite boarder, North Shore, after major and amazingly complicated and scary sports injuries. Some required repeated massages.

The last time this happened I had to have a silicon injection. This massage made the pain completely go away. -- Mike, North Shore, with a debilitating painful knot in his shoulder, helped after one long massage

I don't have that sciatic pain anymore. This is great! -- Rebecca, 5 months pregnant, after one hour massage

Healing power... My knees do not hurt anymore and the wrist is much better. -- professional kite surfer, who fell on the railing with both knees and skid forward, and also landed on his wrist during skateboarding. One long session for knees, one hour session for the wrist.

My back doesn't hurt at all. It is wonderful. --Amy, elderly woman with a crack in her low spinal vertebrae due to osteoporosis, after one hour of massage

What you did with my legs was magical. The low back pain is gone. --Elwood, 200+lbs of tight muscles and low back pain. It took two massages and a lot of deep work.

This is the best massage I ever had. My low back doesn't hurt anymore. I will come back. -- stressed out, run down serviceman back from deployment

My knee does not hurt anymore. I went jogging yesterday. --Steve, California, with arthritis in the right knee, after one massage

The legs feel better and the pain is gone. Those spots in the back are feeling better. -- Leslie, California, who fell down the stairs, head first

My neck is fine now. No more pain. -- Laura, California

You found the right spots. I was pain free and walked all over Thailand for a whole month. -- N.  Shore resident helped with excruciating pain in the low back after two massages

Wow. My back feels fine now! I had this tightness in my back after a car accident that nobody could help me with, I went to so many practitioners. After your session, I feel how my back got expanded and open and it feels so good. And you did it so gently! No force was necessary. That's amazing. Thank you so much for your wonderful massages! -- celebrity, owner of many spas worldwide, name undisclosed to protect the privacy.

I am pain free. My back is feeling much better, my golf shot is much better. I feel 20 years younger after getting a massage from you. Wonderful. And you fixed me in 2 hours. You are effective just like the famous therapist X who worked on me before. -- professional golfer with degenerated disks and chronic pain in lower back, after one long massage

Hi Milica! I just wanted to let you know that you are so amazing, and that I  
moved to LA 2 months ago.  Shortly after I saw you. I wanted to thank  
you for the great work you did on me, and I wish I lived closer so I  
could get more. Thank you and take care, Sharz

She: I couldn't believe what one massage treatment can do! My buddy is not in pain anymore, his shoulder is fine, and he is comfortable and much happier. I am signing him up for several more. He: My shoulder feels amazing, it moves so freely now! That's great!  -- Alison and her athlete friend, Oahu

Milica, you are very skilled. You helped me a lot. -- a lady in spasm due to breaking up with her boyfriend, California

Mmmm, this feels fantastic... I am so relaxed. You released all negativity from my head. I feel great. -- Malin, Sweeden

Thank you so much! My back feels fine now. -- Xang, China, helped after he could not even move or touch his toes

I feel so much better. I am beginning to have moments where I just feel happy and content and comfortable. -- construction worker helped after falling into a hole, neck surgery and subsequent shoulder pains, constantly on pain killers for about 10 yrs, Honolulu

I feel so much better. You have such a presence and a very good touch, it is very healing. -- surfing professional, helped after 3 months of traveling all over the world

Nobody could fix that pain in my mid-back. There was only one therapist who had some ideas about it, but you are the only one who actually helped it. It doesn't hurt anymore. -- Shayene, California

I feel so much better. -- client helped after driving a motor scooter in heavy rain for 20 miles and feeling sick/nauseated, California

You have really good touch! This treatment was great, I feel so much better! My hand feels better. --  client helped with "computer hands" issues, California

Now I feel so much looser, I will go surfing asap. -- weekend warrior surfer after a 15min treatment, California

Oh, this is what I needed. I feel so relaxed. I have been working so much. I feel so much better now. -- client with injured hand, working construction, North Shore

Please do whatever you did the last time with my neck - it feels so much better. Thank you! -- client after a car accident, North Shore

Thank you for taking care of us. I feel so much better, I can breathe more easily! Thank you for all your information. -- a couple celebrating 20yrs of marriage and working through some health issues, California

I feel fine! There is no pain! -- Clair, Oregon, helped with 8 years of degenerative disks in the low back and 3 weeks of constant stabbing pain in the hips that nobody could help.

You are the best massage therapist on this island. I have been to so many. You are the only one who can tie it all together. -- client helped with chronic hip pain, Honolulu 

I feel so much better! I can stand up straight. -- Jason, Washington, helped with injured low back

You helped my shoulder! I can move it again and it doesn't hurt anymore. -- client from North Shore, helped after a car accident with one session only

My neck was pain free after the session, and it felt so good. You are the best massage therapist I have ever had. -- kite surfer, North Shore, helped with neck injury

Wow, I cannot believe how much more relaxed I am! I didn't want you to stop! Two months after the treatment, I am still feeling good in my body. -- Scott, martial artists and hockey player from San Diego, helped with injuries to knuckles, chest, legs and back 

I am feeling better, there is no more pain, and I feel much happier. -- Vern, California, helped with aftermath of a neck surgery

Milica, you are more than a massage therapist; you are a healer. Some people are technicians, and you have the gift. You are helping me heal some very old injuries.
Jean-Paul, Canada, helped after many years of shoulder and neck pain due to car accidents

Wow, this is great. You will love it. -- professional photographer to his girlfriend, helped with various shoulder, back, neck and legs aches - as well as some spiritual possessions - after backpacking with heavy equipment through Himalayas

You are a gift. My neck feels fine. -- the girlfriend, helped with neck pain after a backwards head fall injury

I came in with a terrible pain and headache. It is all gone. -- school teacher, North Shore, helped with high stress accumulation

My neck feels fine. -- cameraman, North Shore, helped with injuries due to carrying heavy equipment to movie locations

I feel so much better. That pain in my neck is gone. -- cameraman, LA, helped with shoulder and neck pain due to various injuries with equipment 

I get massages all the time all over the world from the most reputable sources, and you are one of the best I have ever received. -- Joan, California 

Thanks for saving me from neck surgery. The pain and tingling is gone. -- marine specialist, North Shore, helped with thoracic outlet syndrome. It took just a few sessions to totally eliminate it. 

The pain and throbbing is gone! You did your magic again... -- client from North Shore, helped with whiplash and other injuries due to several car and falling accidents 

I feel better. That nagging pain in my back is gone. -- client from North Shore, helped with whiplash after a car accident

You have a way that puts people at ease. I feel so much better even after that 10 min demo that you did on me yesterday. -- Vic, North Shore

You are helping me with some old issues! I can finally stand straight! -- retailer, Honolulu, helped with neck/shoulder/low back issues due to poor posture

I am walking more straight and the leg is bothering me so so much less. -- chiropractor, North Shore, helped with a sprain

My posture has improved, and the pain is less. -- client, North Shore, helped with pain in the feet

That pain in my abdomen is gone. Whatever you released is gone. -- client, North Shore, saved from unnecessary hernia operation, helped with chronic abdominal pain

We came back from Philadelphia to see you. Can you get rid of that pain in my wife's shoulder again? -- PA couple

That tightness that was bugging me is gone. You work with the source of the pain. -- computer specialist, North Shore

I feel so much better. The low back pain is gone. -- construction worker, North Shore, regular client

The numbness in the fingers is much less now, and is getting better. --construction worker, North Shore

Milica's massage is excellent! --Audrey Franz, CA

Milica is very good; perhaps the best massage I have had. --Jouri deWerd, CA

You made me feel like floating! --Jason, CA